How to create a jail in your Minecraft server using EssentialsX

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a jail for disruptive players, where they will have no authority to run commands, and the jail will act as their new spawn point when they die or log out from the server.

We will be using Plugin “EssentialsX” in this article, if you don’t know how to use plugins, then please refer to this article “How to install Plugins

How to use the nick command?

1- Open your game then click on “Multiplayer

2- Click on “Add Server

3- At “Server Address” enter your server’s IP, which you can find in your server’s control panel, then hit “Done

4- You will find your server added to the servers list select it then hit “Join Server

5- Open the in-game chat, then stand in the place you want to create the jail at and run this command /createjail <name>
Example: /createjail test

Note: To use this command, you need to have server operator permissions, which means that you must be an OP (operator) on the server.

To put a player into the jail that has been created, run the command /jail <player_nme> <jail_name>
Example: /jail iiYoyoo test

To unjail a player run this command /unjail <player_name>
Exmaple: /unjail iiYoyoo

To delete the jail you just create you can run command /deljail <name>
Example /deljail test

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