How to install uMod plugins on your Rust Server

In this guide we will show you how to install Umod plugins on your Rust server.

uMod (previously known as Oxide) is super popular universal modding platform that developers can use to create plugins and extensions for Rust and other various games. It’s essential to have this framework installed on your Rust server because even if you don’t want your server to be heavily modified, you still need some plugins to protect your server against cheaters and other individuals.

Installing uMod on your Rust server

Firstly, you need to download the framework itself. Go to the official uMod.org page and navigate to the Rust section. Download the Windows/Linux version of the framework depending on what your server is running on. Our XGaming Rust servers are running on Linux.

Download rust umod
download rust umod

Now, that you have installed uMod, you need to navigate to your server control panel and then to the file manager. There you can upload and unarchive the Oxide.Rust.zip file that you just downloaded. The RustDedicated_Data folder will automatically be overwritten with all the uMod files and a new oxide folder will be created.

rust server file manager
rust server file manager
unzip oxide zip files
unzip oxide zip files

You can now start your server and wait for the uMod installation to finish. To check if everything installed right, use the “oxide.version” command. You should get a reply with the current uMod version.

start the server
Check rust oxide version
Check rust oxide version

Adding plugins

Everything is now ready, so we can start adding some plugins. Go to the Rust plugin section on the official uMod.org page and download any plugin you want.

download umod plugins

Now, go back to your server file manager and navigate to the newly created oxide/plugins folder. The last step is to upload the plugin you just downloaded to this folder. For the plugin to load you will have to execute the “oxide.reload *” command which should display all the plugins installed on your server.

Upload umod plugins
upload umod plugins
reload oxide


You can also allow/deny the plugins to some players. Check our permission guide for more info.

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Youssef Ayman