7d2d server mods

What are the best 7 Days to Die (7d2d) server mods?

2. HDHQ Overhaul 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
3. Farming 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
4. The Walking Dead Mod 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
5. Food and Water Bars 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
6. Darkness Falls
7. War3zuk AIO Overhaul

7 Days to Die first hit Steam’s Early Access program in the dying days of the zombie video games expand back in 2013, and when survival video games were at their peak. Many years later, it’s one of the few video games zombie survival mashups that’s still popular, and PC gamers have actually used kept the video game fresh with brand-new content and tweaks in the form of 7 Days to Die mods.


Inventive new 7 Days to Die mods continue to flood in thick and quickly from the community, and they’re showing no signs of decreasing. 7 Days to Die links crafting, exploring, structure, surviving, and battling, whether it protest other gamers or zombie hordes. We’ve curated this list of 7 Days to Die mods to amplify your survival experience against everything you’ll face in the brutal apocalyptic world of Navezgane, whether that’s sprucing up some spruces or revamping the way food works.

So, what are the best 7D2D mods? Here are all the mods worth taking a look at from texture enhancements to new workstations.


  2. HDHQ Overhaul 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
  3. Farming 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
  4. The Walking Dead Mod 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
  5. Food and Water Bars 7 DAYS TO DIE MOD
  6. Darkness Falls
  7. War3zuk AIO Overhaul

Darkness Falls Mod



Darkness Falls is not an easy mod. The primary intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. Several things you are used to being able to make now require classes or perks to be purchased, and night-time is not fun time. The wasteland? Even less so.

Good luck…

…you’ll need it

This is a mod I originally created to fix a few “issues” myself, my wife and some friends felt the game had. Turns out I really enjoy modding so I’ve expanded on it quite a bit. The intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. I’ve also tried to inject a little realism by locking away quite a few recipes behind perks, since most normal folks wouldn’t know how to do/make those things.

Also, I started playing in Alpha 8, so I wanted to try and bring back a few things from that era. Hub city, sharp rocks and sticks are pretty good examples, and I want to try and incorporate more features from that era of gameplay. I will also be trying to add in new zombies/enemies to make the “end game” more difficult.

  • 8 Classes to choose from, with 6 quests each!
  • 96 slot backpack! 12 slot crafting queue!
  • Custom UI! Food/Water bars next to the hotbar.
  • Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate!
  • Night time is now dangerous. The ferals come out to play…
  • Zombie Behemoth (male and female) added!
  • Scrap Iron Tools added. Iron requires level 15.
  • Titanium added! Can be found as trophies, underground and above ground. Used to make tools, weapons and blocks.
  • Forge Ahead & Leather Tanning books are back! (can also be purchased as perks)
  • Wrench is now a perk and a schematic, but crafted and repaired with Iron.
  • All common books added as perks, so you have the choice of finding the book or spending points.
  • Action skills are back!
  • Skill books added for all 100 level skills.
  • Generic skill point book added so you have ways to get skill points.
  • Skill notes! Find a recipe you already have? Scrap it into a skill note and craft that into something more useful.
  • Extra crops! Grow apple, orange banana and coconut trees, plus wheat, carrots and tomatos!
  • More food! Way too much to list, but bread is now an option. So are sunday roast dinners. YUM!
  • Animal Coops and Snares from Valmod added.
  • Clay bowls are back, and used for more than just pretty plants!
  • Craftable Small Engines and Lead Batteries!
  • Several new guns! Like the P225 Pistol, AR-15 Automatic Rifle, Winchester Rifle and Combat Shotgun.
  • Gun crafting! Gun parts are back and require the rare, find-only Lathe to be crafted.
  • Arrows can now use cloth fragments instead of feathers. Sticks and Sharp Stones have also made a return!
  • Tree sap is now a thing! Try left-clicking on non-dead trees with jars or bowls…
  • Sterile Bandage! New healing item to fill the void between normal Bandages and First Aid Bandages.
  • Working sinks and ovens! Both types craftable, so pick whichever matches your kitchen.
  • 5 new workstations. The Advanced Forge (required to smelt steel, but no fuel needed!), the Mortar and Pestle and two workbenches! There is also the rare, loot-only, Lathe!
  • Stone hammer added. Counts as a construction tool. Used only for repairing and upgrading.
  • Lockpicks added! Now you can lockpick all safes and most doors.
  • Steel crossbow added that takes steel, exploding and titanium bolts. Both crossbows can be scoped.
  • Combat axe added. There’s also a titanium version.
  • Trader’s are no longer protected! Take care of your local business!
  • Guards added to the trader, with a Guard Captain NPC! Talk to them to buy quest starters, which can earn you skill notes! (Single player only due to server bugs)
  • Larger player-crafted storage (kitchen cabinets, lockable!).
  • Time REMOVED from under the compass and on the map. Added to the trader window (under restock time).
  • Junction box added for invisible wires. Unlocked via electricity perk.
  • Bomber zombies added! These @%$*#!s are designed to tear your base to bits. You have been warned!
  • 7 Day hordes re-done (less game stages so difficulty should ramp up faster and ferals appear sooner).
  • Writing Desk, Ink and Quill available! Used together, these halve the cost of creating skill books and class papers.
  • Grass spawns reduced for better performance/easier to see things.
  • Traders now have more basic materials for building.
  • Localization HEAVILY edited to show where items are crafted, including if they can be made in multiple workstations (one will have a reduced resource cost) and what tools may be needed.
  • Compo pack added!
  • Hornet from A15 and earlier is back, with it’s original sounds and model! Keep an eye out for them in forest biomes.
  • Trader Caitlin has arrived! She has her own POI, her own voice, lives in the wasteland and carries the most powerful items.

War3zuk AIO Overhaul

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul, 7 days to die overhaul mods

What this Mod is about, This Mod changes around 90% of the Total game Mechanics in the sense of Code, It adds many weapons All of which have been bought from various stores to try to get the best looking and playing Mod he can manage, Its constantly being worked on and improved and should always be kept upto date with the latest version of the main core game, The AIO also adds many Blocks and Different items that require abit more learning in order to understand how it all works, A good example of this is the main weapons are no longer repaired using the default repair kits but instead use 4 Custom made varients that are crafted on the player to do with each type of gun. Some of His Original Modlets that were used to create this AIO are as follows. Around 20 or so more have been added directly to the AIO that cant be made into Modlets due to them needing certain bits of code from the AIO so would cause Conflicts.

Items Added Within the Overhaul

The Following Below Modlets are versions of the original Alpha 16.4 Code updated to 19.4 latest. As each Alpha comes out more & more of the original Modlets become non updatable.


smx 7d2d mod

This 7 Days to Die mod by Sirillion is one you’re certainly going to desire as it alters the HUD appearance to develop grittier, grimier, and sludgier interfaces for those that want a slightly more immersive experience. The messy aesthetic is applied to in-game interfaces, guaranteeing that the feel of the video game corresponds even when scanning through your inventory.

SMXhud // The  HUD replacement modlet…

SMXhud is SMX as you know it from Alpha 16 first remade into a modlet and tweaked for Alpha 17 & 18 and now further enhanced for Alpha 19. The purpose of SMXhud is to take the in-game HUD into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to stay as informative as possible while not being intrusive on your gameplay.

SMXhud — The base HUD conversion.

ZMXhudCPTHB — Enables the Target Health Bar for SMXhud. (Install optional modlet ZMXhudCPTHB to get the target health bar)

 SMXmenu // The MENU replacement modlet…

SMXmenu is a menu conversion modlet. It was made to extend the art style of SMX into the menu UI’s of the game and even though it was made to supplement SMXhud it will also work stand alone for those that just want to modify their menu UI’s.

SMXmenu — The Main Menu conversion.

SMXmenu — The In-Game Menu conversion.

SMXmenu — Video Settings Window.

SMXui // The UI replacement modlet…

SMXui is an extension of SMXhud and SMXmenu and will bring the art style over to the rest of the user interface. I’ve tried to maintain as close a relation to the vanilla interface as possible but I have also granted myself some artistic freedom when it comes to some areas. It deviates from vanilla with the fifth crafting queue slot which I added to make it fit the overall design better. The other changes I made are all optional like the third forge slot and the 63, 99 and 110 slot big bag conversion modlets for those that want a bit bigger bags.

SMXui — The forge with the third forge slot enabled. (Install optional modlet ZMXuiCPTFS to get the third forge slot & ZMXuiBBM to get the bigger backback)

SMXui — Totally reworked skills windows. The goal was to make it look like a talent screen.

SMXui — Trader Window.

 Install and  remove smx 7d2d mod

  • Download the modlets you want to use from the FILES tab to the right.
  • Decompress the modlet using WinRAR or a compatible archiver.
  • Copy or move the Mods folder into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted.
  • Verify the install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this hierarchy: “\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml”
  • Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question inside the Mods folder.

Support SMX Development

All SMX branded mods and/or modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy.



Another cosmetic improvement, this 7 Days to Die graphics mod upgrades the textures and environment, improving the sharpness and lighting of surfaces, and making weather condition modifications more extreme. This mod includes a vibrancy and intensity to the barren world, improving the reflections in the water and making the moon more significant with some brightened clear nights. This 7 Days to Die mod likewise focuses on the appearance of different biomes, with the addition of thick forests to obscure the approach of zombies.

In addition to the ecological modifications, this mod adds brand-new gun skins such as desert camouflage and winter armor, along with playing with torches and spotlights so battling in the dark or rain is a bit simpler.

The lighting for A17 has been reworked. A great deal of time has been spent to attempt to maintain a global style and colour palette while keeping individual biomes and weather distinct.

  • The differences between Reflections on and off have been minimised.
  • The world is now much more vibrant, saturated, contrasted.
  • The Lighting now matters more. Direction and intensity all matter.
  • Biomes Seamless Transition between each other as you move through the world. This is particularly great for RWG worlds.
  • Clear nights have moonlight which is clean and bright. Cloudy nights have a muted moonlight. Rain and Snowfall nights have zero moonlight.
  • Reflections also get a boost from the new lighting. As such you can turn some settings down if you run reflections and still have better quality than vanilla (imo).

You will be able to REMOVE YOUR RESHADE PROFILES you may have applied, only needing to keep it for Sharpness or AA injections.

Further to reflections. These and certain vanilla block textures in combination will/can [again machine dependant] cause severe fps loss spikes around buildings. My only advice is to run with reflections off until it is fixed, or I get access to block textures.

Real Forests
Biome Overhaul Packs

Real forests are finally here!
To achieve this I had to leverage new features of 2018.2 as well as make all new vegetation for all biomes.
I have released these as BIOME OVERHAUL MODLETS — 2 Separate packs to date.

  • Forests Obscure Zombies, and create dark patches around trees zombies like to hide in.
  • Exploration is now more important than before. You will need to get above the canopy in forest areas to scout locations, landmarks and other players bases. Its possible to get turned around in the forest. Making roads, runways and other thoroughfares will be key to faster travelling.
  • You can hide in the trees from vultures, unless they find a path to you…
  • The density of the forest however, will work against you in PVP. Clearing space to build will reveal your location to other players who are scouting from mountain tops or gyro’s. The trees provide cover to attackers who seek your loot.


  • I have made these trees very low poly for a starting baseline to guage performance across machines.
  • 10x lighter than vanilla trees. I can render 10+ trees for every vanilla tree.
  • Heavily Optimized — Trees range from 50–300 tris.
  • Featuring Jungle Trees, Swamp Palmetto, Desert Cycads, White Thorn Acacia Tree.
  • Alpine — Jungle (Swamp forest) — Burnt — Desert — Wasteland
  • You should have a higher average framerate. In some scenarios I gained as much as 30fps at the same resolution and settings. [very much situation and machine dependant]


  • These trees are 2–3x higher tri count than the Baseline Biome Pack.
  • A Vanilla Redux — Snow, Pine, Burnt Pine, Desert, Wasteland
  • Several variations of trees across biomes.
  • Zero Pop Trees — You will only see shadow draw based on your distance setting in options
  • You should still have a higher average framerate with this pack.

New Biome Particle Effects
Forest, Burnt, Wasteland

New Lighting means new chances. This little modlet introduces new Biome particle effects to the world.
Burnt biome and wasteland biomes have different appearances between day, twilight and night. Making for more varied and interesting visuals.

  • Falling Leaves in the Pine Forest
  • Rising Smouldering Smoke in the Burnt Forest
  • Radiated Wasteland Fog in the Wasteland

New Models for Wild Plants

This Modlet introduces new models into the game for wild growing plants.

  • Goldenrod
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Cotton

New Items

This Modlet adds a new Spotlight and hand held torch with increased range.

  • Spotlight has greater range than vanilla, requires no power, same crafting requirements
  • Torch has twice the light casting distance than vanilla. Hand held only.
  • Torch flame particle effect chosen for minimal visual screen flicker during rain — may change in the future

New Gun Skins
5 Anodized
3 Rare
4 Military

Im not a fan of the gun tints so for now, as a start I have included 12 new materials for each of the guns. Ive taken extra care to balance these between reflections on and off. These are whole materials. More refined gun skins will be appearing in the future.

  • Anodized Blue
  • Anodized Cyan
  • Anodized Green
  • Anodized Magenta
  • Anodized Red
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Jade
  • Desert Camo
  • Digital Camo
  • Jungle Armor
  • Winter Armor

Manual Installation


  • Drag the 2 folders from the archive into your game directory
  • Yes to replace all files


  • Create a Mods Folder in the main game directory
  • Copy Modlet folders from archive into the new Mods folder



Change 7 Days to Die into one of the best farming video games on PC with the help of this mod. If you’re going to survive, you’ll need a complete stomach, and in some cases tinned stew simply won’t suffice. This 7 Days to Die mod broadens the food and farming mechanics of the base video game so you can now reproduce animals and formulate a couple of house comforts, ranging from great meats to pancakes.

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There’s likewise new workstations, so you can smoke meats, make some toilet white wine, or try your hand at some butchery. Furthermore, you can collect a range of spices and herbs, raise chickens with the new chicken cages, or craft a pig pen for bacon and pork joints … yum.


While this 7d2d mod doesn’t include Rick Grimes or any other program favorites, it does upgrade the zombies so that they behave more like the walkers from the TV program. Headshots will eliminate quick and the zombies are a lot slower, lumbering towards you with a reasonable reach that makes melee more feasible. Feral zombies are gone, too, together with night runners, mutant zombies, zombie animals, or any other special zombies in the video game.


This useful7d2d mod adds a food and health bar, in addition to the temperature and current player level. It makes it a lot simpler to keep tabs on the state of your player and reorders the stat bars, increasing the size of the XP bar on the HUD for added advantage.

So, there you have it, the very best 7 Days to Die mods for you to experiment with. You can also install these 7d2d mods to your server 


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