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How to connect to a V Rising server

In the realm of open-world multiplayer gaming, V Rising stands as a beacon of immersive gameplay, offering players a unique blend of survival, strategy, and supernatural elements. Central to maximizing your experience in this captivating vampire-themed world is the utilization of dedicated servers. This detailed guide provides a step-by-step process to connect to a V Rising server, ensuring that players can seamlessly enter the game and excel in their vampiric endeavors.

Essential Steps to Connect to a V Rising Server

Accessing the Control Panel

To embark on your journey in V Rising, the initial step involves accessing the control panel of your server provider. Here, you will find critical information necessary for connection: the IP address and port of your server. This data serves as the key to unlocking your entry into the game’s world.

Launching the Game

With the server details in hand, proceed to start V Rising. Upon reaching the main menu, navigate to the “Play” option. This selection is your gateway to the various modes of gameplay that V Rising offers, each tailored to different play styles and preferences.

Choosing Your Path

Upon selecting “Play,” you are presented with three pivotal choices:

  • Online Play: Opt for this to dive into the server you’re connected to, ready for multiplayer action.
  • Private Game: Ideal for those seeking a more secluded experience, this option allows for local, private gameplay.
  • Host Dedicated Server: Use this when setting up your own server or renting one for a personalized gaming experience.

Delving into Game Modes

V Rising Game Modes
Game Modes

V Rising’s versatility shines through its game modes, each offering a distinct level of challenge and interaction:

PvE (Player versus Environment)

A mode where harmony reigns among vampires, PvE focuses on exploration and cooperation against the environment. Here, conflicts between players are nonexistent, fostering a community-oriented experience.

PvP (Player versus Player)

PvP is the realm of competition and alliance. Form clans with friends, conquer enemy castles, and expand your domain. This mode balances aggression with strategy, where every attack and alliance can tip the scales of power.

Full Loot PvP

For those thirsting for the ultimate challenge, Full Loot PvP elevates the stakes. Every castle is a potential conquest, and every fallen vampire a chance to loot. This mode is the epitome of risk and reward, demanding skill, strategy, and a bit of ruthlessness.

Duo PvP

A twist on the Full Loot PvP mode, Duo PvP allows you to team up with a fellow vampire. Together, you navigate the perilous landscape, aiming to enlarge your territory and assert dominance. It’s a test of teamwork and tactical planning.

Connecting to Your Desired Server

In the “Join Game” menu, select “Direct Contact” to proceed. A pop-up menu will appear, prompting you to enter the IP address and port previously noted from your control panel. With this step completed, your adventure in V Rising begins to unfold as the game starts loading.

Selecting the Appropriate Game Mode

To ensure a smooth gameplay experience, it’s crucial to match the game mode with the server’s settings. This synchronization guarantees that your in-game activities align with the server’s framework, providing an optimal playing environment.

The different modes each have different servers and it’s important you select the right one.

In the Join Game menu, select the Direct Contact option.

When the Direct Connect Server pop-up menu comes up, paste the IP address in the control panel and check.

Your game will start loading.

Make sure you select the game mode that was added to the server


Finding the Ideal Server Hosting for V Rising

For those in search of reliable V Rising dedicated server hosting, our platform offers a robust solution. With a focus on performance, uptime, and support, we ensure that your foray into the world of V Rising is smooth, enjoyable, and devoid of interruptions. Explore our hosting options to find the perfect match for your vampiric adventures.


Connecting to a V Rising server is your first step towards an unparalleled gaming experience. By following this comprehensive guide, players can effortlessly navigate the initial setup process, choose their preferred game mode, and immerse themselves in the rich, competitive, and cooperative world of V Rising. Whether you’re exploring alone, battling rivals, or building alliances, the game offers a diverse range of experiences tailored to every play style. Embrace the night, and let your vampire legacy begin.

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