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How to connect to a V Rising server

In this day and age, the best way to experience the full potential and have the best experience in a game and compete with others is through a dedicated server. V Rising is an open-world multiplayer game and to get the most out of this, a dedicated server is needed. In this guide, we will show you how to connect to V Rising Server and game.

Go to the control panel and copy the IP address and port.

Start the game

In the main menu, select play.

When you hit play, You will be presented with these three options:

  • Online Play – we will select this option as we already have a server up and running
  • Private game- use this option if you want to play a local private game
  • Host Dedicated Server- when you want to set up the server your server or rent one

Game Modes

After selecting online play, V Rising has four online gaming modes. Each of increasing difficulty.

V Rising Game Modes
Game Modes

PvE (Player versus Environment)

This is the simplest mode online. In this mode, you cannot harm other vampires and other vampires cannot harm you.

You also cannot attack castles in the environment and you cannot steal loots when a player dies. The PvE and PvP modes are more on the limited side of what you can do.

PvP (Player versus Player)

In this mode, you can play with four friends, each forming a clan. Your aim in this is to expand your realm with your fellow vampires by taking your enemy’s castles under a time period and hopefully, get more clans to join you in your quest and befriend them to help you in other modes.

In this mode, you can inflict damage on other vampires and the same can be done to you. You also have the choice of stealing loots from dead corpses though not everything from a corpse. In terms of castles, you can damage them but not completely destroy them.

Full Loot PvP

These modes are more hardcore and give you more choices while in-game.

This mode allows you to fully destroy castles, take all the loot from a corpse, and of course, kill vampires. The most enjoyable part of this mode is undoubtedly the castle sieges unless you’re the one with lower gear weapons. There is also a time window with which you can or cannot siege someone’s castle.

Note, though, that to siege someone’s castle requires you to summon a beast-like creature with the gemstones acquired which warns fellow vampires that you’re coming for a raid.

Duo PvP

This mode is like the Fool Loot PvP but it allows you to partner with another Vampire and expand your territory in your realm.

How to direct connect to a V Rising Server

The different modes each have different servers and it’s important you select the right one.

In the Join Game menu, select the Direct Contact option.

When the Direct Connect Server pop-up menu comes up, paste the IP address in the control panel and check.

Your game will start loading.

Make sure you select the game mode that was added to the server


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