How to modify the gather rate on your Rust server

In this guide, we will show you how to modify the gather rate on your Rust server.

Playing Rust on a default vanilla server can take a lot of time. Sometimes, it can take up to 3 real life days until you get to the end game. Not all players have the time to play Rust everyday, this is why some Rust servers modify their gather rate, so it’s easier for the players to progress.

To modify your server’s gather rate, you need to have uMod installed on your server. If you don’t have it, read our uMod guide first.

Gather manager

Download the Gather manager plugin from the official uMod.org site. It is one of the most downloaded plugins ever and is running on almost every modded server.

Gather Manager download
plugin download

Now, navigate to your server file manager and upload the plugin to the oxide/plugins folder.

Upload the plugin
file manager

Then, use the “oxide.reload” command to load the Gather manager. Everything is now ready for the plugin configuration.

Reload all oxide plugins
oxide.reload command

Plugin configuration

The last step is to modify the plugin. First, we need to know how much we want to speed thing up. Most servers are 1.5x/2x as it still keeps the vanilla feeling of it. Then, there are 3x/5x servers, where you basically have almost every item at the end of the day. But there are also some crazy 10x/25x servers, which are mostly PVP oriented and will usually spawn you with all the weapons from the very beginning.

We will use the “gather.rate” to change the yield values.

Modify the gather rate
gather rate command

Here are some examples:

  • gather.rate dispenser Wood 2 — Gain 2 times as much wood from hitting trees
  • gather.rate dispenser Stones 2 — Gain 2 times as much stones when hitting rocks
  • gather.rate dispenser Cloth 5 — Gain 5 times as much cloth from corpses
  • gather.rate pickup Stones 10 — Gain 10 times as much stones when picking up stone

Check out the plugin documentation for all the available commands.

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