Top 10 admin plugins for your Rust server

In this guide, we will show you some of the best uMod plugins for administrating your Rust server.

If you have a public server, you absolutely need some of these plugins to fight against cheaters and other individuals. You will also save so much time when doing admin stuff with these plugins on your Rust server.

If you are not sure how to add plugins to your Rust server, read our plugin guide first. Or this Rust complete configuration guide

Admin Panel

Admin Panel is a simple plugin that adds a small GUI panel with clickable commands for admins. The number of buttons depends on how many admin plugins you have on your server.

Commands: “/adminpanel show”, “/adminpanel hide”

Admin Panel GUI


Vanish is a plugin that can make you truly invisible. This is useful when you want to fly around the the map and spectate your players.

Command: “/vanish”

Admin Radar

Admin Radar is a plugin that gives you a radar for players and other entities. You basically see all the players with their names across the entire map.

Command: “/radar”

Admin Radar

Entity Owner

Entity Owner is a plugin that will show you the owners of an entity. This is useful on a server with a team limit rule. If you have a “max team size 3” rule on your server and you see 4 owners on a base, you know they broke the rules.

Command: “/prod”

Base owners

Auto Stash Traps

Auto Stash Traps is a plugin for catching cheaters. Cheaters can usually see players through the map and can even see all the stashes buried by players. This plugin will spawn fake stashes across the entire map and when a cheater opens one of these stashes, the plugin will make a record to a oxide/logs/AutoStashTraps folder. With this information, you can later ban the cheater.

Hacker record
hacker record

Server Armour

Server Armour is a plugin that prevents cheaters from joining your server. The plugin has a database of cheaters from all of the Rust servers and won’t allow any players recorded in the database to join your server. You can also set it to prevent players with VAC bans or new steam profiles. You can find the configuration file in the oxide/config folder.

Plugin configuration

No recoil

No recoil is another plugin for catching cheaters. It detects popular no recoil scripts that players use for easier gun control. You can set the plugin to automatically kick/ban the player upon detection.

Removal Tool

Removal Tool is a plugin for deleting player structures. It it useful when you ban a cheater on your server and you want to get rid of his structures.

Command: “/remove”

No Give Notices

No Give Notices prevents the server from displaying information about given items. Normally, when an admin gives items to his inventory, server will display it for all the players in the in-game chat. Use this plugin if you don’t want other players to know what items you gave yourself.

No Green

No Green hides your identity as a admin. Normally, admin have a green name in the in-game chat. If you don’t want other players to know that you are an admin, use this plugin to revert your nickname colour back to blue.

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