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How to Wipe your V Rising Server

Ensuring a smooth and engaging gaming experience in V Rising demands periodic server resets. This process, often referred to as “wiping,” is crucial for maintaining the server’s performance and offering players a clean slate for exploration and conquest. Herein, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently reset your V Rising server, ensuring that both new and seasoned server administrators can execute this task with ease and precision.

Step-by-Step Process for Server Wipe

Resetting your V Rising server involves several critical steps, designed to ensure that the process is completed smoothly and without data loss. Follow these steps meticulously to guarantee a successful server reset.

1. Securely Log into the Game Panel

Begin by accessing your game hosting panel. This platform is where you’ll execute all the necessary commands to reset your server. Ensure your login credentials are secure and accessible only to authorized personnel, safeguarding your server’s integrity.

2. Initiate Server Shutdown

Prior to making any changes, it’s paramount to turn off your server. This step is crucial to prevent data corruption and ensure that all files are safely modified or deleted. Navigate to the server control section and opt for the shutdown option, waiting for the process to complete before proceeding.

3. Navigate to File Manager

The file manager is your gateway to directly accessing and managing your server’s files. Proceed to this section after successfully shutting down the server. Here, you will perform the bulk of the reset process.

4. Delete Existing Server Files

Within the file manager, select all server-related files. Look for an option to delete these files and confirm your action. This step is irreversible, so ensure you have backed up any necessary data beforehand.

5. Reinstall the Server

After the deletion process, head over to the settings tab within your game panel. Here, you’ll find an option to reinstall your V Rising server. Selecting this will initiate the creation of a fresh server instance, devoid of previous data and configurations, ensuring a clean start.

6. Finalize and Launch Your New Server

Following the reinstallation, your V Rising server is now reset and ready for launch. This fresh instance offers a clean slate for all players, ensuring an optimized and fair gaming experience.

Choosing the Right V Rising Server Hosting

Selecting a reliable and efficient server hosting provider is crucial for the smooth operation of your V Rising server. When searching for hosting solutions, prioritize those offering robust security features, high uptime rates, and responsive customer support. These factors are essential for maintaining an optimal gaming environment and ensuring quick resolution of any technical issues.


Resetting your V Rising server is a straightforward process that plays a vital role in maintaining the game’s performance and player satisfaction. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, server administrators can efficiently wipe their servers, providing a fresh and engaging gaming experience for all players. Remember to choose a reputable server hosting provider to complement your server management efforts, further enhancing the V Rising gaming experience.

Ensure your gaming journey in V Rising remains exhilarating and smooth by periodically resetting your server, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging for everyone involved.

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