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How to enable RCON on your V Rising server


RCON (Remote Console) is a powerful feature that allows server administrators to manage their V Rising game server remotely, executing commands directly on the server without needing physical access.

Step 1: Accessing the Configuration File

Locate the ServerHostSettings.json file in your server’s directory, usually found at:

V Rising Server settings folder

Step 2: Editing the RCON Settings

Open the ServerHostSettings.json file. You will see various configuration options. Focus on the RCON settings section:

"Rcon": {
  "Enabled": false,
  "Password": "",
  "Port": 25575

Step 3: Configuring RCON Parameters

Modify the RCON settings as follows to enable it and set a secure password:

"Rcon": {
  "Enabled": true,
  "Password": "your_secure_password",
  "Port": 25575

Ensure the Password field is filled with a strong password and the Port does not conflict with other services.

Step 4: Saving the Configuration

After configuring the RCON settings, save the ServerHostSettings.json file to apply the changes.

Step 5: Restarting Your V Rising Server

Restart your V Rising server to activate the RCON settings. This can typically be done through your server’s control panel or command line interface.

Step 6: Connecting Using an RCON Client

To interact with your server via RCON, use an RCON client. Options include:

Install the client of your choice on your local machine.

Step 7: Executing RCON Commands

After connecting to your server with the RCON client, you can execute commands. Some common RCON commands for V Rising include:

announcestringSends a message to all players connected to the server.
announcerestartnumberSends a pre-configured message that announces server restart in x minutes to all players connected to the server. Less flexible than announce but has the benefit of being localized to each users language.


By enabling RCON on your V Rising server, you gain remote administrative access, providing you with a powerful tool to manage server settings and communicate with players directly. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless and secure RCON setup.

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