V Rising Blood Types. Why they are important.

If you don’t know by now, V Rising is an online multiplayer game where you start as a re-awoken Vampire. In order to rise the ranks and in typical game fashion, you’ll find bosses in order to climb that ladder. Being a game about Vampires, there is no surprise that blood is an important aspect of the game.

In order to challenge and defeat these V Blood Bosses, you need to find recipes, gain skills, and actually find these bosses (they are all at different places). Note, though, that there are different types of blood in the game each with quirks and caveats.

Types of Blood in V Rising

There are 6 blood types in V Rising as you can see above. You can change your blood type by sucking the blood of your enemy with a different blood type. This doesn’t change your blood type completely but it starts or continues a transition of changing your blood. The more pure your blood the more you can maximize your blood quirks. There are five stages in your transition from I to V where I is the lowest and V is the highest form of purity.

Let’s discuss them below.

Brute Blood

Like the name suggests, Brute Bloods have their quirks in force and attacks. For gamers who believe defense is the best form of defense, this is for you. However, this buff is slightly complex as you always need to be on the lookout for kills.

Note, though, in order to fully gain from these blood types, especially this one, you need to be at least level III.

Creature Blood.

This blood type might give you the weakest boost in game. The powerups are quite underwhelming and almost have no benefit in a fight except for the health rejuvenation at least.

This boost, like the Brute blood, is more geared toward defense as you’ll see compared with other bloods.

Rogue Blood

Rogue blood is definitely an aid to your arsenal.

There’s no doubt this option once you get into the third tier is one you can’t go wrong with.

Scholar Blood

The Scholar knows his/her ways around spells and if you like them, this is the blood type for you.

If you like spells, and you make them an integral part of your offence and defense, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Worker Blood.

As the name suggests, this blood is more geared towards collecting and conserving resources. It is a weird one, but a useful one nonetheless.

When you think of building a castle or anything in that matter, this blood type will help you conserve time mining and give you better yield.

Warrior Blood

I think when the developers were creating this game they knew what they were doing. This is undoubtedly the most complete blood type in the game in offence and defense rivalled only by the Scholar.

As you can see, the tiers have offensive and defensive quirks with no chink in the armor.

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