V Rising server game modes.

V Rising has an online mode which has just been released and the online mode. So far, the offline mode has been less than fun and in order to get the best experience of V Rising, welcome to online mode. There are four online game modes and we’ll take you through them below.


The simplest mode in the online modes undoubtedly. This Player verses Environment mode allows you, together with four friends or your Vampire clan and conquer Farbane Forest. I feel this mode is more about you learning the spells and killing animals for hide and bone and getting your way around the forest and ruins.

In this mode, you cannot kill vampires nor can other vampires kill you. You can build blood altars and castles but you can’t destroy them. You also cannot loot a player’s bag when they die.


This is an introductory mode preparing you for the more gruesome modes. Player verses Player mode, your clan tries to expand their territory in the realm into other vampire’s clans. Once you get your offensive and defensive gear going in PvE, this mode will allow you to put your skills to the test.

PvP allows you to attack other people’s castles. You can attack the castles but you can’t destroy them. However, when you want to attack another clan’s castle will send a warning to them in the map and they can prepare a counter attack. You can loot from a dead corpse though not everything in the dead vampire’s inventory. You can attack other vampires and they can inflict damage to you.

Full Loot PvP

This is one of the more gruesome online options. Full loot Player verses Player verses Player allows you more flexibility in damaging and stealing everything your opponent has as the name suggests. Basically, there are no rules and your clan can really go to extremes when expanding your territory.

Full Loot PvP takes PvP to the next level. Not only can you destroy your opponents’ castle, you can siege them and make them your own. However, you can’t conduct a siege at any time and when in a siege, you have limited time to successfully take another clan’s castle. The strategy of taking another clan’s castle is one you should look forward to experience and hopefully succeed in your quest.

Duo PvP

This mode is much alike the Full Loot PvP but it just halves the number of players who can play. With no rules and after getting your groove in the game you can decide to go out alone or pair up with another vampire and see how far you can go.

In summary, you can do everything you can do in full loot PvP but just alone or with just one person.

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