Comprehensive Guide to Zombie Types in 7 Days to Die


A few hours into 7 Days to Die gameplay will start to expose you to your main foe in the survival game, zombies. The game categorizes zombies into several groups—each with unique characteristics that challenge survival strategies. This detailed guide offers an exhaustive overview of the zombie types you will encounter in the world of Navezgane, providing strategic insights to enhance your gameplay.

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Understanding Zombie Categories

Normal Zombies

Normal zombies are the most common adversaries you will face. While individually weak, their strength lies in numbers, making group encounters potentially hazardous.

Key Variants:

  • Departed Woman: Often seen in residential areas, easy to dispatch.
  • Festering Corpse: Slow-moving, found near cemeteries.
  • Infected Mother: Common in suburban settings.
  • Motivated Cheerleader Zombie: Quick and agile, usually around school vicinities.
  • Plagued Nurse: Typically appears in hospital areas, slightly tougher.
  • Putrid Girl: Small and fast, can be underestimated.
  • Rotting Carcass: Slow but resilient, usually found in damp areas.
  • Reanimated Corpse: Appears in various environments.
  • Risen Woman Zombie: Common in urban areas.
  • Skater Punk Zombie: Notably fast, found in urban settings.
  • Zombie Cowboy: Mostly seen in rural areas.
  • Zombie Farmer: Common in farm areas.
  • Zombie Janitor: Typically found in industrial areas.
  • Zombie Stripper: Appears in entertainment districts.

Tough Zombies

These zombies exhibit enhanced resilience and strength, posing a significant challenge even when encountered alone.

Key Variants:

  • Bloated Walkers: Highly resilient, slow-moving.
  • Fat Hawaiians: Found on beaches, very tough.
  • Fallen Soldier Zombies: Military gear makes them harder to kill.
  • Frozen Lumberjacks: Found in snowy areas, resistant to cold.
  • Hazmat Male Zombies: Can be found in toxic environments.
  • Hungry Female Zombies: More aggressive than most tough zombies.
  • Utility Worker Zombies: Often around construction sites.
  • Zombie Bikers: Exceptionally tough, usually found near roads.

Special Zombies

Special zombies possess unique abilities that can alter the dynamics of gameplay, making them unpredictable and dangerous.

Key Variants:

  • Screamer: Attracts other zombies, increasing the threat level dramatically.
  • Spider Zombie: Agile and quick, can immobilize players with webs.
  • Team Z Player Football Zombie: Charges at players with damaging tackles.
  • Burn Victim: Known for setting players on fire upon contact. They are commonly found in burnt forest biomes.
  • Crawler Zombie: These are low to the ground and can sneak up on unsuspecting players. They are also immune to being stunned.
  • Demolisher: Extremely durable and can destroy fortifications easily. They appear in later stages of the game, especially during Blood Moon hordes.
  • Feral Wight: The toughest regular zombie, requiring significant firepower to take down. They spawn only in specific areas like cities or during special events.
  • Mutated Zombie: Notable for their ranged acid spit attack, which can be particularly devastating.
  • Infected Police Officer: Capable of projectile vomiting that causes high damage and can destroy structures.

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Animal Zombies

Not limited to human forms, animal zombies add an extra layer of challenge with their varied abilities and movement patterns.

animal zombies 7 days to die

Key Variants:

  • Zombie Bear: Highly durable and extremely dangerous.
  • Zombie Dog: Fast and can cause bleeding.
  • Zombie Vulture: Attacks from the air, hard to hit with melee weapons.

Effective Combat Strategies

Melee Tactics

  • General Melee: Aim for the head to maximize damage and conserve resources. Remember that melee combat puts you at risk, especially during nighttime.
  • Using the Environment: Zombies can be slowed or obstructed by landscape features, allowing you to deal with them more safely from a distance or in smaller numbers.

Ranged Combat

  • Firearms: Effective but require ammunition which can be scarce. Aim for the head to ensure quick kills.
  • Bows and Crossbows: Ideal for stealth kills. These weapons offer a silent method to dispatch zombies without attracting others.

Specialized Tactics

  • Exploits and Traps: Utilizing environmental traps and choke points can help manage larger groups or more potent foes.
  • Heat Management: Activities like firing guns or running forges increase your “heat” level, attracting more zombies. Manage your activities to avoid unwanted attention.

Fortifications and Defenses

Building a Safe Haven

  • Construction Tips: Build with durable materials and consider multiple layers of defense. Zombies are capable of destroying weaker materials easily.
  • Height Advantage: Zombies have difficulty with vertical movement. Exploit this by creating elevated pathways and sniper nests.

Advanced Defensive Structures

  • Traps and Deterrents: From simple wooden spikes to complex electric fences, traps can significantly enhance your base’s security.
  • Escape Routes: Always have a secondary exit strategy. Whether it’s a hidden back door or an underground tunnel, ensure you can leave quickly if overwhelmed.

Planning for Long-Term Survival

Resource Management

  • Scavenging: Regularly search for food, water, and medical supplies. The environment is rich with resources if you know where to look.
  • Crafting and Upgrading: Continuously improve your gear and base. Upgrading walls, weapons, and traps can make a significant difference in survivability.

Community and Cooperation

  • Playing with Others: Cooperative play can greatly increase your chances of survival. Teams can cover more ground and effectively manage larger zombie hordes.


Survival in “7 Days to Die” is a complex balance of preparation, aggression, and tactical retreats. Understanding the behaviors and types of zombies that inhabit Navezgane County is just the beginning. By building secure bases, managing resources wisely, and employing effective combat tactics, you can thrive in this post-apocalyptic world. Remember, knowledge is as crucial as firepower in this game. Stay alert, stay alive, and keep fighting.

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