How to Join a Myth of Empires Server

How to Join a Myth of Empires Server

Introduction to Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires is distinguished by its immersive multiplayer war sandbox gameplay, offering a rich tapestry of survival, crafting, and strategic conquest elements. This game invites players to an engaging journey across vast lands, where the objectives are to conquer territories, establish powerful empires, and excel in strategic planning and teamwork. It’s an essential experience for fans of the genre, blending creativity, leadership, and collaboration in a dynamic world.

Getting Started: How to Join a Server

The process to join a Myth of Empires server is designed to be straightforward, ensuring players can dive into the action without delay. Follow this comprehensive guide to begin your empire-building journey.

Step 1: Access the XgamingServer Panel

To get started, log in to the XgamingServer Panel. This is your first step towards accessing game servers and is crucial for the journey ahead.

oining a Myth of Empires Server

Step 2: Activate Your Server

After logging in, proceed to start the server. It’s important to note that the server might take a few minutes to become fully operational. During this time, patience is key as the server prepares to appear in the game’s server browser.

Step 3: Server Details

Once the server is running, navigate to the Startup tab. Your main task here is to locate and note the Server Name, a critical piece of information for connecting to your server.

Myth of Empires Server name

Step 4: Launching Myth of Empires

With the server name in hand, download and launch Myth of Empires. This step brings you closer to the expansive and interactive world of empire building and strategic warfare.

joining a Myth of Empires Server

Step 5: Finding Your Server

In the game, navigate to the Custom Server tab and select the Solo Servers window. This area allows for the direct search of individual servers. Use the Search bar to enter the server name you noted earlier, facilitating a focused search for your server.

Step 6: Connecting to the Server

After locating the server, select it and click Connect. If the server requires a password, you will be prompted to enter it. Make sure to input the password correctly, then click Confirm to finalize your connection to the server.

Additional Note: Server Security

To enhance the security of your server, consider adding a password. This step is recommended for server administrators interested in maintaining a secure and controlled gameplay environment.


Your journey through the captivating world of Myth of Empires starts with successfully joining a server. The steps provided in this guide are designed to facilitate a seamless transition into the game, allowing you to immediately start exploring, conquering, and building your empire. Myth of Empires is not just a game; it’s a platform where strategy, creativity, and leadership come to life.

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