Top Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers 2024

In this guide we will take a look at the best Palworld server hosting providers to help you make a good decision when renting a Server for the game.

What is Palworld?

Remember Pokémon? Those adorable companions we captured and trained in a world of wonder? Buckle up, adventurers, because Palworld is here to rewrite the rules! This open-world survival adventure throws you onto a vibrant, untamed planet teeming with over 100 unique Pals, creatures unlike any you’ve seen before.

But be warned, Palworld isn’t just about cuddly companions and frolicking through meadows. This is a gritty frontier where survival demands more than just Poké Balls. Craft, build, and battle! Tame and train your Pals to be your allies, loyal packmates who fight by your side, automate production lines, or clear dense jungles.

Unleash the Wild Heart of Palworld:

  • Befriend or dominate: Capture over 100 Pal species, each with unique skills and temperaments. Will you forge bonds or bend them to your will?
  • Craft your legacy: Build settlements, exploit resources, and forge a thriving civilization – or watch it crumble under the claws of rival factions.
  • The thrill of the hunt: Face fearsome bosses guarding ancient secrets and uncover the mysteries of this untamed world.
  • Guns, gadgets, and grit: Palworld isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Craft advanced weaponry, arm your Pals, and face the dangers that lurk in the shadows.
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Join forces with friends or test your mettle against them in a dynamic online world where alliances shift and danger awaits around every corner.

This is just a starting point, of course. You can customize this intro further by highlighting specific features you find most exciting about Palworld, like the open-world exploration, the moral ambiguity of Pal capture, or the potential for intense online co-op and competition. Remember to build suspense and pique the reader’s curiosity – they should be dying to dive into this wild new world!

Palworld Server hosting Providers

Palworld Dedicated Server Hosting Requirements

Minimum Palword Server hosting Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel/AMD processor with a minimum of 4 cores.
  • RAM: 16GB (Starting the server with 8GB is possible, but it may lead to crashes due to memory issues. For stable operation, it is recommended to have at least 16GB, with 32GB being highly recommended.)
  • Storage: At least 5GB of available storage capacity.
  • Network: UDP Port 8211 (Default) – Port forwarding required.
  • CPU: Intel/AMD processor with 4 cores (or more).
  • RAM: 32GB (Recommended for stable and extended gameplay. Due to at least one memory leak, 16GB is considered the minimum for smooth operation.)
  • Storage: 5GB (As of January 19th, 2024. Storage requirements may increase with future content/updates.)
  • Network: UDP Port 8211 (Default) – Port forwarding required.

Additional Information:

  • Server Ports:
  • Game: 8211 (Default)
  • RCON (optional): 25575 (Note: RCON is disabled by default and can be enabled in the config file (/home/container/Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini).)

It is crucial to regularly check for official documentation and updates, as server requirements may change with future releases or patches. Adjustments to hardware and configuration settings may be necessary to ensure optimal server performance and stability.

What to look for when choosing a Palworld Server Hosting Providers

Forget unreliable experiences riddled with lag and disconnects. To truly conquer the boundless frontier of Palworld, you need a dedicated server – your own personal wilderness outpost. It guarantees smooth gameplay, uninterrupted exploration, and the freedom to carve your own legend alongside fellow adventurers. So, sharpen your tools, gather your allies, and prepare to explore the world of Palworld dedicated server hosting!

But choosing the right Palworld dedicated server provider is crucial. Reliable performance, low latency, and 24/7 support are key. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Hardware: Look for providers with powerful servers that can handle Palworld’s vast open world and dynamic gameplay.
  • Network infrastructure: A robust network with geographically distributed servers ensures minimal latency and a smooth experience for players worldwide.
  • Software management: Opt for providers with user-friendly server management tools, allowing you to adjust settings, install mods, and troubleshoot any issues with ease.
  • Community and support: Choose a provider with a dedicated Palworld community and responsive customer support to help you navigate any challenges that arise.
  • High Performance: These servers offer enterprise-level hardware with high-end processors, ample RAM, and NVMe storage, ensuring smooth gameplay without lag.
  • Low Latency: Dedicated hosting services have servers located worldwide, providing low latency for players, regardless of their location.
  • Little or No Downtime: Reliable and stable servers offer minimal downtime, with at least 99.9% uptime.
  • High Customization: You can customize your server with plugins, configurations, mods, and other game settings to tailor your gaming experience.
  • Complete Security: Dedicated server providers offer security features, including DDoS protection, to ensure a secure gaming environment.
  • Mod Support: You can easily apply mods to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Frequent Updates: Hosting services automatically update the game and security features, ensuring smooth gameplay and data backup.
  • Scalability: You can upgrade your server to accommodate a growing community of players while maintaining performance.

With the right dedicated server by your side, Palworld transforms from a thrilling adventure into a boundless canvas for your imagination. So, gather your allies, explore the endless possibilities, and forge your own legend in the untamed wilds of Palworld!

Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers

Here’s a glimpse into the top dedicated Palworld server hosting providers, with XGamingServer leading the charge for a seamless, lag-free adventure followed by Indifferent Broccoli , DatHost, Survival Servers, ScalaCube, Shockbyte, Bisect Hosting, GPortal, Nodecraft, Sparked Host.

RankHosting ProviderKey FeaturesRent Now Link
1XGamingServerPremier Palworld hosting, VDGS, cloud backups, intuitive file manager, robust Mod support, 100% resource utilizationRent Now
2Indifferentbroccoli2 days free trial, quality hardware, custom control panel, quirky brandRent Now
3DatHostGlobal reach, ultra-speed, 25+ locations, user-friendly Control Panel, APIRent Now
4Survival ServersUnbreakable Stronghold, NVMe storage, DDoS protection, automatic restartsRent Now
5ScalaCubeLow-ping lightning, high-performance hardware, simple server managementRent Now
6ShockbytePower & affordability, full mod support, automatic backups, DDoS protectionRent Now
7Bisect HostingMod Masters’ Haven, intuitive control panel, NVMe SSD storage, servers in 20+ locationsRent Now
8GPortalFast Forward Your Frontier, instant server setup, enterprise-level hardwareRent Now
9NodecraftLimitless Horizons, Zero Limits, unlimited player slots, powerful hardwareRent Now
104NetPlayersPremium Pioneering, Budget-Friendly Style, top-notch hardware, DDoS protectionRent Now
11GameServers.comRenowned Expertise, Tailored Experience, high-performance servers, global data centersRent Now
12Sparked HostReputable, many locationsRent Now
Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers

Lets look at the providers in details

1. XGamingServer: ⚡️Best Palworld Server Hosting Provider

Best Palworld Server Hosting Provider

For an unparalleled Palworld gaming adventure, look no further than XGamingServer. Positioned as the pinnacle of Palworld game server hosting providers, XGamingServer excels with a myriad of features. From seamless cloud backups to an intuitive file manager with one-click launch, advanced scheduling to help with server memory leaks, user invitation options, MySQL databases, and robust Palworld Mod support, it surpasses expectations.

What sets Xgamingserver apart is its distinctive Virtual Dedicated Game Servers (VDGS) available across all plans. Harness the full power of your Palworld server with 100% utilization of allocated resources, encompassing CPU, RAM, and storage. Elevate your Palworld experience with the unparalleled performance and reliability of XGamingServer.

2. Indifferentbroccoli – 🔥2 days free trial

Indifferent Broccoli is a server hosting company for gamers who enjoy having fun with friends. Their quirky brand is backed up by quality hardware (i.e. minimal lag), a custom-built control panel, and top-notch customer service.

Their simple designs reflect the simplicity of their service. Setting up a server takes one click. And since they offer a two-day free trial, you can start the server without entering any payment info.

Indifferent Broccoli Palworld Server hosting

3. DatHost: Global Reach, Ultra-Speed

Dathost Palworld Server hosting

With over a decade of experience, DatHost ensures minimal latency with servers in over 25 locations worldwide. Their user-friendly Control Panel and detailed API empower you to customize your world, while sub-tick server performance monitoring keeps everything running smoothly. Starting at just €0.99 per slot per month, DatHost is a pocket-friendly choice backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee.

4. Survival Servers:Unbreakable Stronghold

Survivalservers Palworld Server hosting

Enjoy lag-free exploration and thrilling battles with Survival Servers’ lightning-fast NVMe storage and robust DDoS protection. Automatic server restarts, password locking, and full FTP access give you complete control over your Palworld haven. With servers strategically placed around the globe, ping is never an issue, letting you conquer the frontier from anywhere.

5. ScalaCube: Low-Ping Lightning

Experience Palworld with the speed of light! ScalaCube offers strategically placed servers and high-performance hardware for an ultra-responsive adventure. Their simple server management and 24/7 support ensure that even the most daring expeditions run smoothly, starting at $10.29 per month.

Scalacube Palworld Server hosting

6. Shockbyte: Power & Affordability

Shockbyte Palworld Server hosting

Known for its muscle and budget-friendly rates, Shockbyte packs a punch with powerful hardware, low rental costs, and full mod support. Automatic data backups and hassle-free game updates let you focus on building your Palworld empire, while DDoS protection keeps your server safe from invaders.

7. Bisect Hosting: Mod Masters’ Haven

BisectHsoting Palworld Server hosting

If you’re a Pal-tastic tinkerer, Bisect Hosting is your playground. Their intuitive control panel makes installing plugins and mods a breeze, letting you craft a truly bespoke Palworld experience. NVMe SSD storage and servers in over 20 locations keep everything zippy, even with custom creatures and complex contraptions. Build the wildest workshop, breed impossible hybrids, and unleash your inner mad scientist without a lag spike in sight.

8. GPortal: Fast Forward Your Frontier

Craving instant adventure? GPortal offers lightning-fast server setup, enterprise-level hardware, and 50 GB of backup space, ensuring your Palworld outpost is always ready for action. DDoS protection guarantees uninterrupted exploration, and server locations worldwide let your friends join the fun from anywhere. No time wasted, just pure, unadulterated Palworld adrenaline.

9. Nodecraft: Limitless Horizons, Zero Limits

No player cap? No problem! Nodecraft champions freedom with unlimited player slots and powerful hardware, letting you build bustling settlements and forge sprawling alliances. DDoS protection and automatic data backups keep things secure, while their user-friendly interface makes managing your Palworld paradise a breeze. This is where your grandest community projects take root and thrive.

10. 4NetPlayers: Premium Pioneering, Budget-Friendly Style

Enjoy top-notch server hardware and DDoS protection without breaking the bank with 4NetPlayers. Their servers are strategically placed in multiple countries, ensuring low ping for all your frontier journeys. For just $5.35 per month for ten slots, it’s the perfect choice for budget-conscious adventurers who dream of building a thriving Palworld haven.

11. Sparked Host : reputable, many locations

Sparked host Palworld Server hosting

Looking for an efficient way to host your Palworld server without the hassle of overwhelming hiccups or a choppy gaming experience? Worry not, as Sparked Host presents top-tier Palworld hosting! Within this offer, enjoy significant savings with competitive pricing, a wealth of unbeatable features, and industry-leading hardware ensuring your server runs seamlessly.

When users seek Palworld hosting, a fantastic deal is always on their minds. Enter Sparked Host, delivering to the market low pricing and irresistible deals that redefine the hosting experience for Palworld enthusiasts.

Palworld server hosting providers conclusion

In conclusion, playing Palworld on a dedicated server Provider significantly improves the gaming experience. The listed hosting providers offer feature-rich services at affordable rates, ensuring lag-free, secure, and customizable gaming sessions. Embrace the boundless potential of Palworld with these top hosting providers.


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