Guide to Mechanical Parts in 7 Days to Die

Overview of Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts are an essential multi-purpose resource in the popular survival game, 7 Days to Die. Introduced in Alpha 15, these components are vital for crafting various items, including vehicles, tools, and building enhancements. They can be obtained through looting, trading for them for 96 dukes, or dismantling objects with tools.

Key Locations for Looting Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts can be looted from several in-game locations. Players should prioritize areas with high concentrations of industrial or mechanical equipment. Notable places include:

  • Tool Stores: Look for Working Stiffs Tool Stores which often contain toolboxes and crates loaded with Mechanical Parts.
  • Garages and Sheds: These typically house mechanical items like gas pumps and workbenches.
  • Industrial Areas: Factories and warehouses can yield a significant number of parts, especially from crates and shelves.

Effective Salvaging Techniques

Salvaging items is another efficient way to gather Mechanical Parts. Use a Wrench or other appropriate tools to dismantle these common objects:

  • Vehicles: Cars, trucks, and even bicycles often contain valuable parts.
  • Electrical Equipment: Items like air conditioners, generators, and office chairs are excellent sources.
  • Metal Furniture: Safes, metal doors, and reinforced drawbridges provide mechanical parts upon dismantling.

Crafting with Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts are indispensable for crafting advanced items and vehicles. Here are some key recipes that require Mechanical Parts:


  • Motorcycle: Essential for quick transportation, requires Mechanical Parts for both the chassis and handlebars.
  • Gyrocopter: Ideal for aerial travel, the chassis and accessories demand numerous Mechanical Parts

Building Components:

  • Workbench: Crucial for crafting various items, requires Mechanical Parts for assembly.
  • Cement Mixer: Used to create concrete mix, essential for fortifying bases.
  • Defense and Security:
  • Blade Trap: Effective for base defense, requires several Mechanical Parts to construct.
  • Safe: Secure storage for valuables, crafted using Mechanical Parts.

Mechanical Parts crafting recipes in 7 days 2 die.

  • 4×4 Truck Accessories: Requires 33 Electrical Parts, 8 Headlights, 50 Short Iron Pipes, 4 Springs, and 16 Mechanical Parts.
  • 4×4 Truck Chassis: Needs 250 Forged Steel, 40 Mechanical Parts, 20 Duct Tape, 40 Leather, and 16 Electrical Parts.
  • Bicycle: Composed of 2 Wheels, 1 Bicycle Chassis, 1 Bicycle Handlebars, and 1 Mechanical Part.
  • Bicycle Chassis: Made with 5 Forged Iron, 2 Mechanical Parts, 2 Duct Tape, 2 Leather, and 2 Springs.
  • Bicycle Handlebars: Requires 2 Duct Tape, 2 Leather, 1 Mechanical Part, 6 Short Iron Pipes, and 2 Springs.
  • Blade Trap: Needs 10 Forged Iron, 10 Forged Steel, 8 Mechanical Parts, 6 Electrical Parts, and 10 Oil.
  • Cement Mixer: Requires 25 Forged Iron, 4 Springs, 1 Engine, and 10 Mechanical Parts.
  • Dart Trap: Composed of 20 Forged Iron, 6 Mechanical Parts, 4 Electrical Parts, and 5 Oil.
  • Desk Safe: Needs 20 Forged Iron, 2 Springs, and 3 Mechanical Parts.
  • Garage Door Metal: Requires 240 Scrap Iron, 6 Springs, and 12 Mechanical Parts.
  • Generator Bank: Made with 10 Forged Iron, 10 Mechanical Parts, and 14 Electrical Parts.
  • Gyrocopter Accessories and Chassis: Varies in requirements, with significant use of Mechanical Parts.
  • Impact Driver, Iron Knuckles, Jail Door, Lockpick, Minibike Chassis and Handlebars: Each has specific requirements but generally use Mechanical Parts.
  • Motorcycle Chassis and Handlebars: Need various quantities of Mechanical Parts.
  • Nailgun, Ratchet, Reinforced Drawbridge (Powered and Non-Powered), Sinks and Toilets: Each includes Mechanical Parts in their recipes.
  • Steel Door, Steel Hatch (Powered and Non-Powered), Switch, Trigger Plate, Wall Safe, Wire Tool, Workbench, Wrench: All utilize Mechanical Parts in different quantities depending on the item.

Strategic Tips for Maximizing Mechanical Parts Usage

To make the most out of Mechanical Parts, players should:

  • Plan Usage: Prioritize crafting essential items that enhance survival chances, such as vehicles for mobility and traps for defense.
  • Maintain Tools: Regularly repair and upgrade tools like the Wrench to improve efficiency in salvaging Mechanical Parts.
  • Barter Smartly: Utilize traders wisely; purchase Mechanical Parts directly when shortages arise, especially in later game stages.


Understanding the value and applications of Mechanical Parts in 7 Days to Die can significantly enhance a player’s efficiency and survival prospects. By focusing on strategic looting, efficient salvaging, and smart crafting, players can make the best use of this essential resource. Remember, the key to survival is not just gathering resources, but using them wisely to fortify and advance in the harsh world of 7 Days to Die. Start your adventure with a dedicated server today.

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