How to Install Add-ons on Your Garry’s Mod Server

Learn how to install custom add-ons on your Garry’s Mod server in this article, get a step-by-step guide to enhance the player experience, whether you’re new to server administration or an experienced pro so let’s get started!

how to install add-ons on your server:

1- Go to your server’s control panel, then hit “Stop” to stop your server

2- Download the desired add-on to your computer.
3- Unzip the add-on by extracting its contents from the ZIP file.
4- Locate the add-on folder, which should contain subfolders such as lua, materials, resource, data, models, and sound.
5- Navigate to the “/garrysmod/addons/” directory, and upload the add-on files by clicking “Upload”

6- Navigate to “Console” then hit “Start” to start your server

Now join your server to verify that the add-on is now active in-game!

If you need any help with your service don’t hesitate to contact us through our support tickets

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