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How to Install Mods on Arma Reforger Server

How to Add Mods

Currently, adding mods to your Arma Reforger server is tricky because there is very little documentation and it is difficult to find mod IDs. Hopefully, this will change in the future, but following these steps will get it to work:

  1. Open up a client copy of Arma Reforger and subscribe/download any mods you want to add to the server (at this time, I do not know of a way to find mod IDs without requiring use of the game).
  2. Once done, close the game and navigate to this folder on your computer: My Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\addons\
  3. Aimlessly open each folder to find which mods you want to add and open each of their ServerData.json files in a text editor.
  4. Then, on your server panel, open the config.json file for editing.
  5. Find "mods": [] and replace it with the following:
"mods": [
		"modId": "591AF5BDA9F7CE8B",
		"name": "Capture & Hold",
		"version": "1.0.0"
		"modId": "9A51598BACFBFDE7",
		"name": "Explosive Goats Beta",
		"version": "0.5.42"
  1. Change modId to equal the id value found at the top of the ServerData.json file you found.
  2. Change name to equal the name value found at the top of the ServerData.json file you found.
  3. Change version to equal the version value found at the top of the ServerData.json file you found.
  4. Repeat for each mod you want to add by copy/pasting the {} sections like shown above. Make sure each {} section has a , after it, except for the last item.

The server will automatically download and run the mods you specify on startup. For mods that add scenarios, you can find the Scenario IDs listed as gameId in the ServerData.json file. Lastly, if a mod updates, you will likely have to change the version value to match it’s new version. You may also have to delete the mod folder in the addons/ directory to have it re-download (reports on this have been mixed).


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