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How to Install Mods & Workshop Scenarios on Arma Reforger Server

In this guide we will learn how to install mods on your Arma Reforger server easily.

In the evolving world of Arma Reforger, enhancing your server with mods opens up a universe of customization and unique gameplay experiences. However, the process of adding mods can seem daunting due to the sparse documentation and the challenge of locating mod IDs. Fear not, as we’ve devised a straightforward guide to simplify the mod installation process, ensuring your server stands out with its bespoke content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Arma Reforger Server Mod Installation

1. Preparing Mods for Your Arma Reforger Server

First, ensure you have Arma Reforger installed on your client. This step is crucial as it allows you to subscribe to and download the mods you wish to incorporate into your server.

  • Action: Launch Arma Reforger on your client machine.
  • Purpose: Subscribe to and download desired mods.
  • Location for Downloads: My Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\addons\

2. Identifying Your Arma Reforger Mods

Upon downloading the mods, each will reside within its folder under the addons directory mentioned above. Identifying the specific mods you plan to add to your server involves a bit of exploration within these folders.

  • Action: Navigate through each mod folder.
  • Goal: Locate the ServerData.json file for each mod.

The list of mods required by the client that will automatically be downloaded and activated on join. It can be created by activating wanted mods in the Workshop and then, via the Mod manager, result can be converted to ready to be used string after navigating to JSON tab and then clicking on the Copy to clipboard button.



GUID of the mod. Single GUID can be obtained from Workshop webpage


Alternatively you can grab it from Workbench options when mod is running or directly from gproj file


3. Configuring Mods on Your Arma Reforger Server

With the mods identified, the next step involves configuring your server to recognize and run these mods.

  • File Location: Access your server panel and open the config.json file for editing.
  • Configuration: Modify the "mods": [] array with the details of your mods as follows:
  • Parameters:
  • modId: This is the unique identifier for the mod, found at the top of the ServerData.json file.
  • name: The name of the mod, also located in the ServerData.json.
  • version: The current version of the mod, detailed in the ServerData.json.

4. Finalizing Server Mod Integration

After configuring your server with the desired mods, ensure to follow the correct syntax by placing a comma after each mod entry, except the last. This structure tells your server which mods to download and run upon startup.

Note: How to solve mods not downloading

We know that Arma Reforger requires a lot of mods and some of the mods might be big size. We have noticed that the server might not be able to download mods and will be stuck in a boot loop.

How to solve mods not downloading

When this happens we have 2 work arounds

  1. Reduce the amount of mods on the config file lets say 5-10 restart the server till all are downloaded and repeat this till all the mods have been downloaded.
  2. Upload the mods manually using SFTP mods manually via SFTP
Arma Reforger mods not downloading

Scenario IDs and Mod Updates

For mods that introduce new scenarios, you can locate the Scenario IDs within the ServerData.json file, marked as gameId. Additionally, it’s important to update the mod version in your server configuration should a mod receive updates. In some instances, removing the mod folder from the addons/ directory may be necessary to facilitate re-downloading the updated version.

Enhancing your Arma Reforger server with mods doesn’t have to be a complex task. By following the outlined steps and maintaining attention to detail during the configuration process, you can significantly expand the capabilities and enjoyment of your server. Whether it’s adding new scenarios, functionalities, or purely aesthetic modifications, the power of modding is now at your fingertips, ready to elevate your Arma Reforger experience to new heights.

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