The Front Dev RoadMap

The Front game Development RoadMap

The Front Development Road Map

For fans eagerly anticipating updates for “The Front”, the wait is over! The development team has unveiled their comprehensive roadmap, highlighting the planned features and additions in the upcoming months. Here’s a detailed look at what’s coming:

LAUNCH: 10/11/2023

  • Steam Integration: Support for the Steam Workshop and mod tool will be available, allowing players and modders to create and share their custom content.
  • New Vehicle: Introducing the “Warhammer” Mobile Base.
  • Game Mechanics Updates:
    • Players can now get item skins from drops.
    • When players or their followers die, items can be immediately retrieved using a specific structure.
    • Added Follower Talents.
    • New follower-specific item crafting recipes.
  • Gear: Equip yourself with the Miner’s Hat and Hazmat Suit, which provides protection against poison and radiation.
  • Structures:
    • Advanced Splitter (1×10)
    • Advanced Coupler (1×1)


  • New Medical Structure: Medical Bed that uses meds to remove debuffs and restore HP.
  • Infrastructure Updates:
    • Ramp (for vehicles)
    • Sandbags and Bunkers for defense.
    • Large Generator for power generation.
    • Transformer for controlling voltage.
    • Elevator to move between levels.
    • Vehicle Repair Station to keep your rides in top condition.
  • New NPCs (Non-Player Characters):
    • Defender (can subdue)
    • Patrol Sergeant (can subdue)
    • Blast Fiend (can subdue)
    • Mechanical Guard


  • New Game Mode: Dive into the Battlefields mode for intense combat scenarios.
  • Added Functionalities:
    • Warning Radar to spot nearby targets.
    • Ammo Boxes to resupply nearby automatic turrets.
    • Night Vision Goggles to see clearly in the dark.
  • Power Infrastructure: Introducing the Imperial Nuclear Power Plant.
  • New NPCs:
    • Ripper (can subdue)
    • Mechanical Cerberus (can subdue)
    • Frost Warrior (can subdue)
    • Siege Tank
    • Battle Mech as the new World Boss.


  • Explore New Territory: New island map for players to discover.
  • New Vehicles:
    • “Ceres” Gyrocopter
    • Gunboat
  • Gear Up:
    • Wingsuit for aerial maneuvers.
    • Parachute to land safely.
  • New NPCs:
    • Doomsday Medic (can subdue)
    • Steel Claw (can subdue)
    • Mechanical Engineer (can subdue)
    • Drone Pilot (can subdue)
    • Chaos Sentinel
    • Armored Train as the new World Boss.

The roadmap is structured into three phases, and the development team has noted that its contents may be adjusted as the development progresses. This roadmap certainly promises a lot of exciting content, ensuring that “The Front” players have much to look forward to in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • This game brings together a lot of aspects from other games that I love. Very excited to see the future. After playing the only critique I would give is fix server ping and frame drop issues.