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How to install Mods to your Project Zomboid Server

Well In this guide we will show you how to add steam workshop mods to your PZ server.

Adding Mods to PZ server manually

Locate the servertest.ini file

Log in to the game panel and look for your configuration file; You should be able to locate it in the following folder. The file will be named according to your server name in this case


PZ Project.ini folder
PZ Project.ini folder

Opening the servertest.ini you should locate the line called Mods and WorkshopItems this is the section we will be adding the steam workshop id for the mod

look for the Mods line in project.ini
Mods Lines

Get Steam Workshop IDs and Mod IDs

Go to Steam workshop and select the mod you want to install to your PZ server. Scrolling down you will find the below section

Workshop ID: 2701170568
Mod ID: ExtraMapSymbols
Mod ID: ExtraMapSymbolsUI

Here we will be copying the

Workshop ID to WorkshopItems

and Mod ID to Mods

If you want multiple mods repeat those steps and put a ;  between the mod IDs and the mod names. eg


Click save and then restart your server.

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